Max Taylor

March 9, 2013

Max Taylor (Maxwell O'Metric, Toast) Poet, Electronic Music Producer, Artistic Projects

Never say forever
This moment won’t last
Sci fi is the future
We all Fantasize the past

Slap me if I’m just wrong
Pinch me if I’m still asleep
The pictures fade with dopamine
feelings all you get to keep

All your memories and plans
mistakes and broken promises
Stop hurting when you realize
It’s your job to stay positive

The focus may shift but
It’s perspective we could all use
You might call it medicine
Others call it drug abuse

Slipping on banana peels
Catch yourself and dance it out
They try to make a fool of you
success is best when full of doubt.

It’s not over
and you know it never will be
But never say forever
You won’t make it to infinity

The race is part of life
And life is part of dying
When you get to the finish line
you never get to stop trying

Try anything once
A second time if you like it
Try the same thing everyday
You’re either boring or addicted

Never say forever
Everything falls apart
If it didn’t have a limit
How could anything start

Always maintain
Fix the leaks and remove stains
If it’s broken learn to fix it
Don’t just throw the shit away

Don’t just think that
if it doesn’t last
It’s in the past
It’s right now
In the present
Haunting you
Until you put it down

Step forward

With the stride of these feet
With the path I complete
The path I can see and
The people I meet

There are constant adjustments
Obstacles and targets
Fumble for confidence
in all artistic outlets

Hope for the human race
Is no dream of mine
In search of a cute face
For whose love I would die

But the homeless romantic
You see every day
On the street hides the panic
In hopes of a raise

An eyebrow a spirit
A fist if it’s better
Send him a sign
A postcard a letter

don’t just stand there
Make a move do things
If you think you’re so fly
Grow a pair of wings

Until then get walking
You got no time left
To waste time talking
About time you never kept

If you were really out of breath
You’d be dead so don’t lie
Just like a broken heart
You seem alive enough to cry

So roll up those sleeves kids
It takes blood sweat and tears
Grass stains tire skids and
Elbow grease for years

You can’t see the destination
But you can tell it’s not here
Dream big and be patient
With omens elders and peers

Take another skip and stride
Until you find the next clue
I think I just found mine
And it looks a lot like you

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