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March 9, 2013

Membership to The Basics Fund gets you discounted or free access to all of the events, lectures, newsletters, artistic services, and bus rides we can possibly muster.

We have a few of our own buses that we use to take members to different art-related events. These are always free of charge and are only available to members. When these buses are full or not being used, we also offer free or discounted access to any Bus to Show to buses so that our members safe and eco-friendly transportation to and from art-related events.

You can either purchase a trial (single day/event membership).

Trial memberships can be purchased either during the reservation process at, at the door of the events, or by emailing

Monthly memberships are available below. If you are interested in joining us for out-of-state events, you will need to get a Warrior-Level Membership. If you just want to participate in more local events (2 hour +/- radius), you can get the Scout-Level Membership

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