February 1, 2012

the funnest fund-raiser ever conceived of...EVER!!!

Some things are just the shit and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.  Whompsercise is one of those things.  And guess what else?  We are coming to every city in every country on every planet. INCLUDING JUPITER EVEN THOUGH IT”S MADE ENTIRELY OUT OF TOXIC GASES!  Cuz you know why?  Cuz that’s how we roll.  Toxic gasses do not phaze us.  So get you out you mother funkin spandex.  Get you out you most fluorescentest clothes.  Put yo wristbands on.  Put yo mothafunkin headbands on.  And if you’re on Jupiter, get out your Toxic gas masks because shit’s about to get DROPPED like a chem1010..

If you want a piece of this action, come find us on facebook or ask your mom.

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