Wyatt Lamond

March 9, 2013

Wyatt Lamond – Electronic Music Producer (photo by cinesthetics)

Wyatt Lamond, born in California, raised in Colorado, is quickly and definitively making his mark and presence felt in the world of electronic music. Fusing the sounds of deep west coast bass into his layered melodic compositions, Wyatt takes listeners on an atmospheric journey all its own. Continuously finding ways to redefine the world of dance music, his original production breaks away from mainstream familiarity, and entices the imagination of the ear. Holding true to personality, his sound is ever-evolving and changing to span across many musical genres, defining sound as an art…settling your ears into the sultry. Wyatt has shared the stage with such notable artists as An-Ten-Nae, Fresh 2 Death and Nasty Nasty. He is a member of the Mile High Sound Movement and is sponsored by The Basics Fund.

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